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COVID 19 2nd Wave Preparations

COVID -19   Here we go again! Sep 2020

In light of the rapidly increasing likelihood of further Govt imposed restrictions as a second wave of the Corona virus gathers momentum, it is prudent to take stock of where we as a village stand.  As a community we coped well the first time round and lessons learned should reduce the impact of uncertainty and apprehension this time. But we can still be better prepared. What is required NOW is:

  • WHO?
    • The identification of any vulnerable individuals or families who might newly need ( or continue to need ) assistance, noting that some might be reluctant to seek help.
    • Names of new volunteer helpers ( no need to re-offer) and any withdrawals.
  • WHAT?
    • Any specific requests for help and any related offers of response.
    • Any COVID related areas of concern or gaps.

 This all leads to “HOW?” – (targeted  assistance).

Localism. Experience tells us that local self help and neighbourly assistance is generally the best way ahead, making good use of social media in the form of the village WhatsApp ( Wield Together) – see more below.

Role of the Parish Council (PC) The best contribution to be made by the PC is in a coordinating role, stepping in directly only when local help cannot be  provided.

So What? How can you help?  Apart from being prepared to assist others, the PC would be grateful for any  “Who? & What?” responses.  This will permit:

  • Visibility of the bigger picture and identification of gaps
  • Matching need with availability
  • Minimising duplication of effort

which in turn will enable coordination of effort.

Village WhatsApp Group (Wield Together).  As the group has become a general chat line, please highlight any Covid related issue with the heading  “COVID”.  Any new applicant wishing to join the  group ( and the more the better) should first email Alwin Hutchinson ( with name and mobile phone number to be used.  (It is possible to leave the group at any time, and the number of alerts can also be reduced if they become intrusive.)

Contacts. The Parish Council stands by to assist.

Wield whatsapp ( Wield Together) co-ordinator Roland Richardson

WPC Clerk ( Mrs Jean Frost) 01420 561136 email

WPC.Chairman ( Alwin Hutchinson) 01420564391 email