Planning info is as follows:

1. How to Comment on any Application

2. How to view any Wield application

3. New applications

4. older applications

5. Appeals & “neighbouring parish” issues

1.  How to comment

To comment  to EHDC on a new planning application,  follow the link at paragraph 3 ( or for older applications, check in paragraph 4).

If you have strong views about any planning issue, please also inform your Parish Council (PC):     contact any of the councillors or the Parish Council clerk Mrs Jean Frost, email:

This helps ensure that your PC is better able to represent village views. An assumption of “ no objections” will be made by the PC if no comment is received.

2.  View any Wield Planning Application

To see the latest planning applications, click this link:

(use Wield as a search term, or for a specific application, use a house Name or a Planning reference number )

3.   New Applications Notified to the PC: ( will only be shown here for 2 weeks)

Dials Close – Holiday let (posted 16 Oct)





4. Old ( over 2 weeks ago) Applications ( to access all applications, see para 2 above.

5.  Appeals ( & “neighbouring Parish “ issues”)