EHDC Moving from Penns Place and increasing On-line interaction

We’re changing how we work for you

Penns Place closing down, more services to be delivered digitally  

We’re changing the way we work to make our services easier for people to use.

Our customer information shows that customers want services they can easily access when and where they want.

As a result, we’ve reshaped our services behind the scenes to make them streamlined and efficient and we are improving the way residents can reach us to make it simple and straightforward.

Already most of our customers expect to access our services online. That way they can get what they want, when they want it.

In fact, only around three per cent of customer enquiries come through the council’s reception at Penns Place.

So from 2 April we will be closing our reception at Penns Place and focusing on providing our services digitally, to support our residents in a more convenient and forward-thinking way.

We are creating a network of access points around the district where residents can speak directly to council officers through a live link-up. Using this network, residents will be able to receive the support and assistance they need to conduct their business with the council.

If customers are unable to access our services digitally, they can contact us via the telephone on 01730 266551 where one of our team will be available to help directly or arrange an appointment for a face-to-face meeting if appropriate.

A handful of our customers still pay for services using cash. We have contacted these customers direct and set up alternative means of payment.

Cllr Richard Millard, EHDC Leader, said: “This way of delivering our services to residents is leaner, more efficient and conforms with what our residents expect of us and how the vast majority of them already contact us.

“By focusing on providing services online we can make life easier for residents that are comfortable using digital technology and still support the very few who cannot.

“Removing our reception from Penns Place will mean the council no longer is tied to an expensive and out-dated facility that is rarely used.”

For more information on how residents can reach us, go to