Wield in AONB?

Wield Village & AONB?


You will recall a recent email ( copied below) referring to the creation of a new AONB which would include Wield. The proposal raises a number of issues and prompts a number of questions: more information is needed before the PC responds. To that end, we have arranged a Village briefing on the proposed AONB.

This will take place on Thursday 18th Nov at 1930hrs (to be followed by a scheduled PC Meeting)  in The Village Hall. Do come and find out more.

In the meantime, a holding reply has been sent in which two requests were made: to spell the Village name correctly and to show the Village’ s approximate location on the map!




FROM: Cliddesden PC, ELLISFIELD PC & Winslade Parish Meeting

Dear  Clerk to Weild Parish Council              23rd Sept 2021


Seeking Protection for the North Hampshire Downs


We are writing to you to seek the support of your Parish Council in a move to gain the status of “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” (AONB) for the area of Hampshire referred to as the North Hampshire Downs.

In developing this proposal, we are being supported by the parishes of Cliddesden, Ellisfield, South Warnborough and Winslade, and now need to understand if there is more general support from all the Parish Councils within the area (map attached).

Two major reasons for this important initiative;

1)      In the past, the stewardship of the land by generations of families has engendered the trust of the community. The changing land management environment is encouraging landowners to seek creative ways to maximise their income – some are proposing major housing developments and now, no green fields are safe.

2)       The public have realised through the pandemic lockdowns that their countryside is important to them and would like to see it protected for mental and physical health benefits, the environment, wildlife and climate change mitigation (prevention of flooding, carbon sequestration etc).

The North Hampshire Downs is an area of great natural beauty and needs to be protected for the use and enjoyment of future generations.

Large scale development is currently being resisted, but should one scheme be approved there could be a flood of applications which would affect the whole area.

We have already had explorative discussions with The North Wessex AONB, CPRE and the Councils of Basingstoke and Hart. All of these bodies are supportive of the suggestion and believe there is a possibility of obtaining such a status if there is enough support from residents in the area.

We have also been in touch with the County Councillors for the area, Juliet Henderson, Jonathan Glen  and Mark Kemp-Gee and they are also supportive of the proposal.

If we are to succeed, we need the support of the Parish Councils and their communities within the area and so hope that you will be willing to work with us in developing this proposal.

Alan Tyler           Richard Haas                 John Raymond

Chair of Cliddesden PC.             Chair of Ellisfield PC                      Chair of Winslade Parish Meeting

Possible North Hampshire Downs Designated Area
map: click onto the number in brackets below



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