Wield Together WhatsApp

How to join the Wield Together Village WhatsApp

On Apple devices go to your “AppStore” and download the WhatsApp application.  On Android go to Play Store to do the same.

e-Mail Roland Richardson – roland.richardson@btinternet.com or wieldpc@gmail.com and ask to join. You’ll need to send us the mobile telephone number of the mobile that you are using.

We will then send you a link to the application and it will install the “Wield Together” WhatsApp on your device.

TIP – Notes can be very frequent at times and the constant alerts may try your patience.  Muting notifications is better we think than deleting your connection to the application. On the other hand you may like it.

Muting Notifications on Apple mobile –  When you open the “Wield Together” WhatsApp, click on the top bar where it says Wield Together.   This will open the group info page with many options including “Mute notifications”.

Muting Notifications on Android –  When you open the “Wield Together” WhatsApp,  there are three vertical dots in the top right hand corner (next to the handset symbol) tap this and a menu will appear including “Mute notifications”. Click this and your phone will no longer alert you every time someone posts a note or reply.

WhatsApp only uses mobiles, (there is a version for computers but it needs a connection to your mobile).

If you have any problem with the installation, please mail or call Roland.